18th Police District Council

Welcome to the 18th Police District Council

We are your elected representatives, building stronger connections between the police and our community. Together, we’re striving for a safer 18th District, where the community is a true partner in fostering safety and well-being.

About the 18th District Council

The 18th District of Chicago, also known as the Near North District, encompasses the area south of Fullerton Avenue between the Chicago River and Lake Michigan. It includes several neighborhoods such as most of Lincoln Park, Old Town, the Gold Coast, Mag Mile, River North, River East, and Streeterville​​. The police station for the 18th District is located at 1160 North Larrabee Ave, Chicago, IL 60610​. 

This district is known for its bustling community and is closely situated to a variety of local attractions, making it a vibrant area of the city.

As your District Council, we hold a monthly public meeting on the 4th tuesday of every month.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re dedicated to transparency and open dialogue—because informed communities are strong communities.

What is the role of the 18th District Police Council?

The 18th District Police Council acts as a bridge between the community and the police, voicing the community's concerns, needs, and interests. The council works closely with local police and other authorities to improve safety and security in the district. View more here on chicago.gov.

What are the key challenges faced by the 18th District?

The first effort was to engage in a listening tour of the 13 main organizations. As a result of these conversations, we have initially identified 7 task force areas to focus on.

What are the 22 police district councils?

The Police District Council is a relatively new entity. It was established by an ordinance passed by the Chicago City Council in July 2021 as a model for enhancing police oversight, accountability, and public safety.

Each of the 22 police districts within Chicago, elected 3 members of their district’s council. As your representatives, we are responsible for gathering community input on police policy and public safety concerns, implementing community policing initiatives and restorative justice programs, and nominating candidates for the newly-created Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability (CCPSA), among other duties.

How can I get involved and support the council’s efforts?

As an actively involved resident, your voice matters. You can attend community meetings, provide feedback on community issues, volunteer in community policing activities, and support the council’s initiatives.

Your Council Members

Connect with the individuals you’ve chosen to represent you. Our backgrounds are diverse, but our mission is united: to ensure the 18th District is a safe, welcoming place for all residents and visitors.

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Task Forces

After conducting a listening tour throughout the 18th District, we are excited to announce the Neighborhood Task Forces that will work on improving critical safety concerns and strengthening connections between residents and our 18th Police District.

These task forces are the first of their kind, and we hope to define their paths and goals with you, the members of the task forces.

The regularity of meetings will vary based on the focus areas within the Task Force, whether there are sub-groups within the Task Force, and the members’ desired meeting frequency.

Each of the Neighborhood Task Forces are shortly described below.


If you are interested in joining or getting additional information on any of these Neighborhood  Task Forces, please provide your contact information.

Public Meetings

Join us at our monthly public meetings, provide feedback on safety concerns or recommendations, or lend your support to  initiatives such as our 7 Neighborhood Task Forces.

Upcoming Meetings

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

6 PM at the Anti-Cruelty Society
510 N. La Salle Dr., Chicago

Speaker: ASA Tracy Senica, Chief of the Juvenile Justice Division of the Cook County State's Attorney's Office

Speaker: Commander Mike Barz, 18th Police District

Visit early at 5 pm if you'd like to receive a tour of the Anti-Cruelty Society.

Parking Information:
Anti-Cruelty Society's Parking lot is complimentary. The entrance is located on Wells Street immediately south of Grand Avenue.

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

6:30 PM
Lake Shore Park Fieldhouse
808 N. Lake Shore Drive

Speaker: State Representative Kam Buckner

Speaker: Commander Mike Barz, 18th Police District.

Task Force Interest Form

Which Task Forces are you interested in? (check all that apply)